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    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2768/slideshows/homeMedium/eCatholicSP-409.jpg Encounter Lent at our Parishes Stations of the Cross, Prayer Workshops, Soup Suppers... Lent 2019 /lent-2019 _self
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2768/slideshows/homeMedium/54436318_2261329357220869_4406988714618650624_n.jpg Stations of the Cross and Soup Supper Everyone is invited to attend Stations of the Cross and Soup Suppers each Friday of Lent at St. Mary of the Rosary beginning at 5:30 pm. Events /events _self
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2768/slideshows/homeMedium/35628878_10103947744006433_2865437253147033600_n.jpg Prayer Shawls Available If you know anyone who could use a Prayer Shawl, stop by St. Mary's parish office. Prayer Shawl Ministry /prayer-shawl-ministry _self
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2768/slideshows/homeMedium/SMR-2.jpg St. Mary of the Rosary Serving the Chewelah Community; Mass on Saturdays at 4 PM and on Sundays at 10 AM Mass Times /mass-confession-times _self
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2768/slideshows/homeMedium/IMG_9007.jpg Children's Religious Education Religious Education classes are every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 8:45 am in St. Mary's School Religious Ed /k-6-religious-ed _self
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2768/slideshows/homeMedium/Holy_Ghost_1.JPG Holy Ghost Serving the Valley Community; Mass on Sundays at 8 AM Mass Times /mass-confession-times _self
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2768/slideshows/homeMedium/Sacred_Heart_-_Springdale.JPG Sacred Heart Serving the Springdale Community; Mass on Saturdays at 6 PM Mass Times /mass-confession-times _self
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2768/slideshows/homeMedium/JOJ.JPG St. Joseph Serving the Valley and Jump-Off Joe Communities during the Summer Mass Times /mass-confession-times _self
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2768/slideshows/homeMedium/eCatholicSP-1395.jpg Volunteer as a Eucharistic Minister or Lector We always welcome new volunteers to help during mass. It can be as often or seldom as you would like. More info /liturgical-ministry _self